Get your friends and loved ones a gift they'll never forget. The gift of money. Imagine their name and/or message spelled out in real one dollar bills!

For birthdays, holidays, weddings, anniversaries, promotions, recognition, nameplates, for yourself, store window displays, or just plain old love, you'll set yourself apart with this truly distinctive gift.

Your message is a work of art, each letter and number individually crafted and sculpted by hand and tweezers. Based on the amount of orders we get, yours will usually ship out to you within a week.

Sculpting price is $7.95 per letter or number. (Actually, it's only $6.95 since you are getting one dollar back!). Most letters stand up by themselves if you want to place them on a shelf. Or, you can glue it to a matte board for display or framing. To the right you can see more message samples, some of them framed by our customers.

Detailed look at the letter 'A':


Questions and answers

Q: What type of messages can be made?

A: Any message at all. Use your imagination! We get a lot of orders for peoples initials. Obviously, that's the least expensive.

Q: Is more than one bill used in creating each item?

A: Each letter, number, and sculpture is created from a single bill, with the exception of the winged dragon and several peacocks.

Q: Do you use larger bills, i.e., $5, $10, $20, $50, $100's?

A: We use $1 dollar bills as these are kept while larger bills tend to get opened and spent (or stolen if in a public or company area).

Q: How large are the letters after sculpting?

A: Every one is different, but in general they will be about two inches tall, up to two inches wide, and an inch thick. Scroll up to see a magnified view of the letter 'A.'

Q: What about nameplates for display or framing?

A: Art supply stores sell matte/poster boards that you can glue the letters on. We found black offers the best contrast, but color preference is up to you. Make sure to first position the entire name/message on the board without glue. Then pick up one letter at a time, apply glue and stick to board. While it can be framed, you can also use poster putty to attach the matte board to a wall. If displaying on a desk, go to an office supply/art store and get a small acrylic sign holder. Or get an easel backing and attach it to the back of the board. Most bills will stand up by themselves, so you can display it that way on a shelf. The exceptions are the letters D, F, P, T, V, and Y. But they can be leaned against the letter before or after it, enabling them to stand. If you are ordering name initials (first and last name - two bills), art supply stores or supermarkets (photo developing section) sells 4 x 6 inch matted frames. Simply glue the letters on. Some people also like to glue the letters directly to a door/wall/wood, etc.

Q: A couple sculptures have opened up a bit over time. What can I do?

A: An interesting fact about paper money is that it's mostly composed of... cloth! Cotton and linen fibers make up the bulk of the bill. As a result, a fold or two may expand over time. The solution is easy: either 1) crease the fold again, but use your thumbnail to put a 'notch' in the crease; this tends to lock the fold. Or 2) just apply a dab of glue to it! Other Questions? Email me or call and I'll be happy to answer them.